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My name is Sarah and I work with Men and women over 40 who are looking to find their sexy again and would love to feel energised, healthy and simply amazing every day.

Your own self-belief is your secret superpower and with my Nutrition Therapist and Wellbeing Guru skills I can help you find it.


Any of this sound familiar?

  • Stubborn kilos that just won't shift?
  • Fed up of constantly being on a diet?
  • Feeling older than you probably should?
  • Frequently tired but wired?
  • Stiff joints and aching muscles?
  • Menopausal mayhem?
  • Middle aged spread?
Some of the benefits of working with the Nutrition Guru: 

· Balanced blood sugar

· Increased energy, enabling you to                  get more out of each day

· Taking back control of your health

· Being the weight you want to be

· Losing weight that stays off

· Better sleep quality

· Glowing skin

· Balanced hormones

· Stable moods

· Feeling fabulous

· Confidence in food choices for you and            your family

· Oh and … finding your sexy!

To help you here are some free downloadable guides and books

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Finding out I was pregnant was amazing, finding out that I also had gestational diabetes not so much.


Thanks to Sarah my baby has stayed the correct weight and will be able to be born safely.


Thank you Sarah, Nutrition Guru!

Lucy, Lyon


Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

  • Health Up, Slim Down - Summer Challenge
    Time is TBD
    Register your interest! Is improving your health and losing weight on your to do list? Lets make it happen before summer kicks in! This 4 week course is designed to improve your health, your nutrition and your mindset while shedding the pounds.
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