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There are few pleasures in life more intense that enjoying an amazing meal. This is because there is a direct biochemical connection between food and how we feel.


It’s no wonder that most people have a problem keeping their weight under control. For me I’ve always trained hard but still struggled every year to get to a point where I was confident to be seen in public in my swimsuit. It was always a great feeling when I got there but there was the inevitable sacrifice, “Yes I’d love another slice but…”


I’ve also had to deal with the very normal challenges that everyday life throws at me; anxiety, stress and sometimes just getting a good night’s sleep. Being a busy working mum is hard!


Although I’ve always been interested in nutrition and like everyone else I seem to talk to, I too have been on the journey of fad diets and starvation. It was miserable and only worked for short periods of time!

Being honest, I just like a good lifestyle too much.


My busy lifestyle eventually caught up with me and the inevitable hormone imbalance and weight gain became too much. So I became serious about my research and involvement in good nutrition, 10 years later I am a successful registered nutritionist.


I’m hoping that you will see already that my approach is different; for a start it’s not too serious and the focus is on fun. I think this is why I get such good results. When you work with me your energy levels will improve, you will sleep better and you will get into that dress! I’ll give you the tools (no spades and screwdriver) support and motivation you need to become the very best version of you.


But hey it’s not all about me, it’s actually all about you!


So call me for a free consultation, (this actually means a chat)

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