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Dry Brushing for Health

Good nutrition, regular movement that works for you and a good nights sleep are the steps that I believe support feeling great. I’ve written a lot about eating well and the difference just making a few simple changes to your diet and lifestyle can make to your overall health and wellbeing. Nutritional supplements can help assist your diet, regular movement will also help but this week I want to talk about something I do regularly that makes me feel great. That is Dry Skin Brushing.

Yes, you read me right! Dry brushing (or dry skin brushing), is where you brush the surface of your skin for about 3 to 5 minutes. It massages, exfoliates and improves circulation. I think it could be especially helpful to those who are limited in their mobility. But either way it costs nothing apart from a small soft brush. I use a brush I found in Bodyshop years ago. The technique is to simply brush your skin towards your heart. Start anywhere you like; legs, arms, chest, abdomen it doesn’t matter. I do this just before my morning shower, or as part of my bedtime ritual but it can be done anytime.

The obvious benefit is its exfoliating effect. By getting rid of the dead skin quickly it promotes the growth of new cells. New skin cells are softer, smoother and have that natural glow.

Dry brushing massages the subcutaneous adipose tissue, which helps break down toxins. As the largest organ in the body and the one on the outside, our skin is subjected to more toxins than any other organ. The subcutaneous adipose tissue is a connective layer that stores fat and also insulates and protects the body. Unfortunately, this means it tends to be where toxins accumulate. When it gets too bad, the tissue starts to dimple and protrude, the common name for this is cellulite. With a good diet, regular exercise and dry brushing, cellulite can be reduced significantly.

Remember that unlike our blood, which is pumped around the body under pressure, the lymphatic system requires movement for it to work efficiently. A more efficient lymphatic system has many benefits, dry brushing is a real assist to the lymphatic system. So logically it will help with immunity, with the eradication of toxins and take some of the pressure off organs such as the liver and kidneys.

Finally, dry brushing feels good, it is relaxing and a great way of relieving tension and stress, hence me doing as part of my night time routine before I go to bed.

Only tenuously linked to nutrition, but a great way of improving overall wellness.

Give it a go and see how you get on.

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