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Wellness in the workplace

As we get back to work I thought I'd write a little about wellness in the workplace. A good Wellness Program can really help your business, but Covid 19 has added an extra dimension. As I keep saying, good nutrition and exercise can really boost your immunity, so if you are an employer then wellness will also help protect your staff.

Although there is a mountain of evidence that shows the benefits of wellness in the workplace there is still scepticism. Probably because Wellness (note the capital W), like so many other good ideas has been made into an industry. But there is an intrinsic logic to it. Healthy, happy employees should; turn up for work more often, have less time off through sickness, be easier to work with and be more productive.

One study in the USA showed that after a year’s participation in a good programme on average the participant’s BMI dropped 46%, Systolic blood pressure dropped by 35%, Diastolic blood pressure dropped by 56.3%, Blood glucose dropped by 65.5% and cholesterol dropped by 38.5%. The result was that the host Company, enjoyed a reduced absenteeism rate of over 32% and recovered over 150% of their ROI in year 1, so they covered the costs of infrastructure; improvements to the site building, equipping the gym, putting in a walk way and picnic area around the site and improving the dining facility and they still saved money! Which as it was a saving, fell straight to their bottom line.

It is fair to say though that the USA and UK are different, in the USA employers often cover health care costs whereas these costs are picked up by the state in the UK through the NHS.

But did you know that:

The average worker takes 6.6 days off due to sickness every year

Long term absenteeism is in the main due to medical conditions

Short term absenteeism is mostly due to illness and stress

Sickness costs UK businesses an estimated £29bn each year

There is more but I think that probably makes the case for wellness in the workplace. There are other benefits as well:

An improvement in corporate image - are you on the Good Employer List?

Attract talent - if you are seen as a good employer you are going to attract the talent.

Decrease in employee turnover - if you then prove to be what you claim to be the talent will stay.

Increased productivity - just by eating well those energy dips that occur during the day can be curtailed. Happy staff also work better together.

I can obviously help and advise on this subject, constructing a wellness plan for your Company or just for you. Give me a call to discuss if you want to know more. I can forward my sources if you want to see them, just let me know.

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