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Thinking About Supplements?

A lot of my customers are understandably interested in supplements and they do offer some real advantages.  But they are what they are.   Supplements.  They are not replacements and should only be used to compliment a good diet or to add a boost to get to a level.  Which is the main reason I haven’t offered them before.

There are also a number of dubious brands and concoctions, that make some outrageous claims, which to be honest I just don’t want to be associated with.

However, when one client asked me about a particular product that they had found, I realised that by distancing myself from them, I wasn’t doing my clients or followers any favours.  So I set about personally researching a range of products that I trust and that I am comfortable recommending.

As part of my research I have tested the products and talked to the Company’s who make and distribute them.

The first Company to make it onto my website is Hello Day.  What did I like about them?

When I spoke with them, they are a company that is truly committed to helping people.

The products are really good quality, with appropriate doses, they have thought about this and so for one supplement where the dosage is high, instead of getting a huge capsule to take, they offer a sachet that can be added to hot water and sipped as a tea, this attention to detail is evident throughout their range.

That the products have been developed by a team of doctors, pharmacists and nutritionists all working together shows.

I also like the idea of working with natural circadian rhythms on a macro scale, after all, nearly everything in nature is a cycle.

Products can be tailored to individual needs.

They are also; vegetarian, gluten free, lactose free, GMO free, preservative free, all natural colour & flavours.


Benefits will be:


Improved immunity

Better physical health

Improved gut, liver and bladder health 

Reduction in toxins

Improved vitality

Reduction in muscle tension, physiological stress, fatigue and cramps.

Remember if you have any questions or would like to find out more I am very happy to give free advice and help, just book yourself a call. 

If you are looking for supplements and are unsure or want more information then please feel free to book yourself a call.  It is free. 

Boost immunity with supplements Online
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