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As a qualified nutritionist and wellness coach I can help your team live a healthier life and be more productive at work 

I make custom made programs, tailored to need and budget.

I'm an sme...

  • I’m too small for wellness to make a difference

  • I need cashflow! My working capital cycle is king, a commitment to wellness is just an added financial pressure on this.

  • i need my staff concentrating on their job, not on their lunch.

  • It’s going to be too expensive.

  • I won’t see the ROI.

all claims made by various company directors

all wrong!

Large Corporations across the world are investing heavily in the wellbeing of their workforce. 

I can assure you this is not altruism. 

It is a growing acceptance that the evidence, showing that healthy employees are more productive, is right.


Ironically it is the larger Companies, those already investing heavily in wellness already, that can more readily afford to lose people to sickness as they just have more people to cover.  1 person out of 5000 is a very small percentage, but one person in 10 is large.


The image above shows how a large organisation might introduce a wellness program.  Although an SME's progam might be less ambitious the principles and process still apply.  Normally though they have the advantage of speed because a lot of the approvals can be combined.

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